Schools raise more than $25,000 through LPEF’s

La Crosse public schools and community groups working with the schools have raised more than $25,000 for education projects through the LPEF Support-a-School crowdfunding program.

In 2018, the largest effort was spearheaded by the Central High School Class of 1968, which raised more than $2,300 through LPEF’s website (plus $3,600 from checks and other donations) to support Random Acts of Kindness and the La Cocina food/clothing closet at Central.

In prior years, Support-a-School donors supported a wide variety of projects, ranging from “Unity” T-shirts for students at Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary, to equipment to help Central High students build flag boxes for the families of deceased veterans, to support for the annual Black Youth Summit, as well as school fundraising efforts, such as the annual North Woods International School Read-a-Thon.

Support-A-School is an online donation platform – hosted by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation – open to use by public schools, Parent Teacher Organizations and individual staff members in the School District of La Crosse. Support-A-School provides educators with an alternative way to raise funds for important classroom projects through a low-cost, locally operated “crowdfunding” site. Proposed projects go through a quick and simple application process – with appropriate approvals by the School District of La Crosse.

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