Why LPEF is more important than ever:

Constrained school district budgets have gotten even tighter in recent years. At the same time, the needs of students and schools are increasingly complex.

Through LPEF, community members and organizations can efficiently and effectively put their support for public education into action!  When you give to LPEF, you

  • remove barriers to learning for individual students through RAK
  • support the creativity of educators who develop innovative, quality learning experiences for students through Gold Star Grants
  • help connect community resources to address pressing District-level priority needs.

In recent years, LPEF’s support for district programs has ranged from $250,000 to $435,000 annually, depending on special projects. During the 2022-23 school year, $40,000 in Random Acts of Kindness Funds met immediate student and family needs, and $90,000 supported grants for classroom innovation and teacher training.

Give Today — Explore options for gifts of cash, credit and other ways to support our daily and annual needs.

Give later — Include LPEF in your estate planning and leave a legacy to La Crosse schools and your community.

Join other education champions — Learn about how fellow community members are supporting public education through LPEF.

Thank you!

Generosity from educators, parents, friends, businesses and other nonprofit organizations helps to make Gold Star Grants, Random Acts of Kindness, and LPEF’s other programs possible.  

For more information, please contact Executive Director Nell Saunders-Scott at 608-787-0226 or email: nell@lacrosseeducationfoundation.org