• central-17-01-b

    Support: Help Central students build American Flag boxes to honor veterans who pass away

    Summary: Students will build flag boxes to hold folded American flags for families of veterans who have passed away. Goal: $229   •   Deadline: March 10   •   School: Central High School   •   Sponsor Name: Lucas Jandrin       About My Project: La Crosse County has contacted Central High School in regards to making flag boxes for the flags they […]

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  • no-woods16-02-a-narrow

    Support: Help North Woods kindergartners ‘wiggle while they work’

    Summary: Help purchase Hokki stools for our kindergarten classrooms at North Woods to allow students to “wiggle while they work” and stay focused for a longer period of time while doing academic learning tasks. Goal: $2,038   •   Deadline: Feb. 12, 2017   •   School: North Woods International  •   Sponsor Names: Rose Kulig and Kate Hooper         About Our Project: In […]

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  • Goal achieved!

    Schools use Support-a-School.org to raise nearly $7,300 to date

    Since the launch of Support-a-School.org in late summer, La Crosse schools have raised $7,285 for a variety of projects to enhance the educational experience of students. Thus far, half of the eight projects have achieved their original fundraising goals, with partial funding accomplished for other projects. The four projects that have achieved their goals include: […]

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