• ElemSci17-01-A

    Support: Help teach electricity concepts at Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence

    Summary: Help Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence Elementary Schools turn kids “on” to electricity concepts through hands-on devices called Makey Makeys. Goal: $688   •   Deadline: June 4, 2017   •   Schools: Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence  •   Sponsor Names: Teachers Katie Gudgeon, Jenny Ruetten, Marcia Gardner and Jean Brady         About Our Project: In order to capture students’ interest and […]

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  • 20160722_092608.jpg

    Support: Help create school-community garden through Hintgen Urban Garden (Project H.U.G.)

    Summary: Support the Hintgen Urban Garden, a unique project in which the school will collaborate with people of all races and ethnicities within our community to create an inclusive and culturally relevant garden space for staff and students. Goal: $7,570   •   Deadline: May 26   •   School: Hintgen Elementary School   •   Sponsor Name: Hintgen Elementary       About My Project: We will work closely with […]

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  • Goal achieved!

    Schools use Support-a-School.org to raise nearly $7,300 in 2016

    La Crosse schools raised $7,285 through the Support-a-School.org website in 2016 for a variety of projects to enhance the educational experience of students. The fundraising website was launched in late summer 2016 by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation. Half of the eight projects achieved their original fundraising goals, with partial funding accomplished for other […]

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