• 130511-N-TE278-022

    Goal Achieved: Oscilloscope for Logan High School Electronics

    Summary: Students in the Robotics and Digital Electronics classes at Logan High School are in need of a new oscilloscope. Goal: $625   •   Amount raised: $625   •   School: Logan High School   •   Sponsor Name: Steve Johnston     About My Project: Students in the Robotics and Digital Electronics classes in […]

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  • Hamilton16-01-A

    Goal Achieved: Hamilton/SOTA I Be Seated!

    Summary: Your donation can match Hamilton school funds to buy Hokki stools to test as alternatives to student chairs for those who struggle with “sitting still.” Goal: $260   •   Amount raised: $260   •   School: Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary School   •   Sponsor Name: Steve Michaels         About My Project: Our current student seating is traditional with desks and chairs […]

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  • so-bluffs16-01-thank-you

    Closed (Partial Funding): Julia Cook Titles Inspire Social Skills

    This fundraising project is closed. Summary: Help us buy these special books to guide and enhance social skills instruction by bringing these topics to life for students with intellectual disabilities. Goal: $531   •   Amount raised: $160   •   School: Southern Bluffs Elementary   •   Sponsor Name: Heidi Rouzer and Caitlin Mosel   […]

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  • LoganM16-01-A

    Closed (Partial Funding): Diversity in my Global Neighborhood

    This fundraising project is closed. Summary: This project is aimed at engaging students in high-interest, real-life topics so that students practice and improve literacy skills in a variety of content areas. Goal: $756   •   Amount raised: $80   •   School: Logan Middle School   •   Sponsor Name: Kellie Schmitz       […]

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