Goal Achieved: Oscilloscope for Logan High School Electronics

Goal achieved!Summary: Students in the Robotics and Digital Electronics classes at Logan High School are in need of a new oscilloscope.

Goal: $625   •   Amount raised: $625   •   School: Logan High School   •   Sponsor Name: Steve Johnston


LoganH16-01-A   LoganH16-01-B

About My Project: Students in the Robotics and Digital Electronics classes in the Technology and Engineering Department at Logan High School are in need of a new oscilloscope.

An oscilloscope is used to diagnose and troubleshoot problems that come up in electronics projects. It displays electrical current or voltage on a screen so students can visualize the wave form and then make needed adjustments to the voltage or current levels of the circuit.

For example, our students have used an oscilloscope in the past to look at the PWM (pulse width modulation) signal from a microcontroller to determine if it was the type of signal needed to drive a motor. Without the use of this tool, it would be difficult to complete advanced projects that challenge students to higher levels.

Where Your Donation Goes:
Tektronix TBS1052B-EDU 2 Channel Oscilloscope
Oscilloscope probes

All donations to LPEF are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged via letter. LPEF adds a small surcharge to offset credit card processing fees and related expenses. For more details, see our About section.

  • If fundraising falls short of the goal, money will be used to fulfill as much of the project as feasible.
  • If fundraising exceeds the goal, the project will be expanded or money will go to a similar purpose at the same school.


  1. David says

    I’m always amazed at the creative projects Steve conceives to challenge his students. This piece of equipment will undoubtedly be put to good use!

    • Steve Johnston says

      The students have some fantastic new project ideas for the 2016-17 school year. The oscilloscope would be put to immediate use on them. It is a great help in troubleshooting PWM signals and showing graphically how an electrical signal changes over time.

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