Closed (partial funding): Culturally representative books through “See Me. Read Me.” project

Summary: Our goal is to put culturally representative books into the hands of our community’s children. .

Goal: $11,000   •   Net Amount Raised: $4,534 (including donations made by check)   •   School: Lincoln Middle School (representing all District schools)  •   Sponsor Name: Shaundel Spivey


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About My Project:  In our community, and in our schools, the availability of books that represent people and children of color as heroes and protagonists are extremely limited, or absent. A community group — Showing Up for Racial Justice — has asked us to partner in an effort to purchase books that are culturally representative, and give those books away to community children in grades pre-kindergarten to 12.

Our plan is to purchase books, from a book list that we are currently vetting with experts in the community, and have those books available for distribution at both the Mathy Center and Erickson Club of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse at their Back-to-School events on Aug. 24.  In addition, we will hold a “Read Me” event on Sunday, Aug. 27 at both North and South La Crosse locations for children and young adults who received books to come and read their book to community adults, or have a book read to them by community adults.  We expect to have some books available for give away to children who were not able to attend the Boys & Girls Club event on Aug. 24.

Any remaining books not distributed directly to children will be given out to School District of La Crosse teachers through a “grant” application process for use in their classroom libraries.

Where Your Donation Goes:
Books will be purchased through any available vendor at the most reasonable price. Organizers hope to involve a local vendor – Pearl Street Books – that is partnering in the project.

  • $30 buys 2 books
  • $60 buys 4 books
  • $90 buys 6 books
  • $150 buys a 10-book set covering all grade levels

All donations to LPEF are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged via letter. LPEF adds a small surcharge to offset credit card processing fees and related expenses. For more details, go to our About Support-a-School page.

  • If fundraising falls short of the goal, money will be used to fulfill as much of the project as feasible.
  • If fundraising exceeds the goal, the project will be expanded or money will go to a similar purpose at the same school.


  1. Lori & Pat Lunney says

    Great idea! We are happy to support this.

  2. Beth Mullen-Houser says

    love love love this thank you so much for doing this! We will support.

  3. Melissa says

    Some would-be donors are concerned about the book costs of approximately $15 each. We are hoping to put quality, hard-cover books into the hands of our youngest recipients, because paperback books would not be as durable and long-lasting with a younger child as they would with our middle to high school aged children. We averaged the cost of books, knowing that some would be slightly cheaper than the $15, and some would be a bit more as we search for books to meet the needs of our children. Thank you for asking the question. Hope this explanation helps.

  4. Kathy Casper says

    Once the book list is finalized, would it be possible for me to get a copy of it? I have a friend who is a librarian at a rural school district, I think she would be interested in this list. Thank you for organizing this for La Crosse!!

    • Monica Hofmann says

      Hi Kathy! Yes I can get you the list 🙂

  5. Mackenzie Moen says

    Let me know if I can help get books in at Pearl Street Books! I am good friends with Jim and I know he’d love to have the books there!

    • Monica Hofmann says

      Hi Mackenzie! All the books will be purchased through Pearl Street Books, and they have some books in store for purchase as well!

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