Honor District retirees with a gift to support La Crosse Public Schools today!

You’re invited to honor these 36 retiring staff members with 932 combined years of service to the School District of La Crosse by making a gift to LPEF.

donateLPEFYour gift to LPEF in honor of an SDLC retiree will:

    • Thank retiring teachers and/or staff for their service to education
    • Support enhanced educational experiences in the School District of La Crosse
    • Meet student needs through Random Acts of Kindness

The retiree honored with the greatest number of gifts will have a classroom or staff training grant awarded in their name at LPEF’s Grants Award Luncheon in January 2023. For each gift of $35 or more, a retiree receives a complimentary ticket (limit 4 each) to the luncheon.

With support from our Salute to Educators Sponsor Fowler & Hammer, LPEF helps to underwrite the cost of the District Retirement Dinner, and also partners with the La Crosse Tribune to publicly recognize retiring employees in a full-page ad published in mid-May.

Retirees, most recent position and years of service to the School District of La Crosse

Brenda Ahern, Kindergarten Teacher, Southern Bluffs, 25 years

Joseph Anglehart, Science Teacher, Central, 23 years

Doreen Athnos, Music Teacher, Logan HS, 30 years

Norene Beck, Administrative Assistant (Bookkeeper), District, 34 years

Linda Brown, Teacher Assistant, Central, 33 years

JoAnne Cappuccio, ESL Teacher, Logan HS, 37 years

Denise Delao, Cook, Hintgen, 30 years

Craig Dittman, EBD Teacher, Central, 22 years

Melani Fay, Guidance Counselor, NS/Coulee Mont, 38 years

Connie Foegen, Benefits Coordinator, Hogan, 10 years

Michael Freybler, Energy/Transportation Manager, Hogan, 38 years

Jeffrey Greene, Custodian, Emerson, 37 years

Teresa Juan, Integrated Support Assistant, District, 24 years

Lori Kaminski, Math Teacher, Logan HS, 37 years

Daniel Koenen, Craftsman, District, 21 years

Rachel Kutzke, Teacher  , Lincoon MS, 30 years

Kimberly Mahlum, School Nurse, Hogan, 11 years

Mary Martin, Teacher Assistant (Health Aide), Hintgen, 20 years

Douglas McIntosh, NET SYS Manager, Hogan, 22 years

Liza Miller, Teacher Assistant  , Multiple, 14 years

Ernest Morris, Science Teacher, Logan HS, 25 years

Paula Neberman, 3rd Grade Teacher, Hintgen, 16 years

PeriAnne Olson, Special Learning Disabilities, Logan HS, 25 years

Cynthia Reiland, EC Teacher, Hamilton, 33 years

Lisa Schreiner, Principal, Southern Bluffs, 30 years

Amy Schwarz, English Teacher, Central, 29 years

Julie Slaats-Rowe, Guidance Counselor, Logan HS, 31 years

Charles Stoflet, Teacher, Central, 23 years

Kimberly Stoflet, Teacher, Lincoln , 31 years

Kurt Strainis, English Teacher, Central, 22 years

Kim   Thornton, Title I Reading Teacher, Hintgen, 24 years

Linda Watson, Library Media Spec/Talented & Gifted Teacher, Lincoln/Sota/Coul, 32 years

Julie Welch, 6th Grade Teacher, Logan MS, 31 years

Susan Westbrook, Title I Reading Teacher, Hamilton, 10 years

Joan  White, Learning Disabilities Teacher, Hamilton, 10 years

Ronald Wigdal, SPED TA, Logan MS, 22 years

Michelle Wozney, Executive Assistant, Hogan, 28 years

JoAnne Zigler, Kindergarten Teacher, Summit, 23 years