Limited number of Compassion Project books available

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Orders are still being accepted for a limited number of copies of a unique book commemorating the 2013-14 Compassion Project that involved more than 6,000 La Crosse school students.

A colorful 150-page book captures thumbnail images of many of the 6-inch-by-6-inch canvas art panels created by students to represent their idea of compassion. Those tiles were featured in an eight-week exhibit at the Pump House Regional Arts Center where thousands of children, parents and community members enjoyed the collective view of how students visualize compassion. The ongoing project aspires to teach the practice of compassion through the use of art and writing.

The cost of the book is $15, plus $5 for shipping/handling, unless the books are picked up at LPEF offices or delivered through a school. All proceeds go to the Random Acts of Kindness Fund, a program of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation. The Random Acts of Kindness Funds at each La Crosse school help students overcome roadblocks to achievement by addressing needs in areas such as nutrition, transportation, academic and co-curricular support. Last year, nearly $22,000 was spent to aid individual students with needs.

Books are being ordered now with delivery expected by mid-April.

Use the order form available at this link.

Complete and submit the order form along with payment to: LPEF, P.O. Box 1811, La Crosse, WI  54602. For questions, please call the office at (608) 787-0226.

eye heart screen shotIn addition to images of the tiles, the book includes a series of quotations from students, who were asked to write a brief statement about their work. Some examples:

“Compassion is about being willing to give yourself up in order to help others whether it is in the form of volunteering, tutoring, donating or simply just sitting with the person alone at the lunch table.”  -Emily

“Compassion is about doing something nice to someone or something without receiving an award, just about doing the right thing for one another.” –Ronnie

“Compassion is respecting everyone and their differences.” –Jax

“Love and compassion are like a warm cookie.” –Byraius