LPEF grant helps North Woods students grow, harvest and eat their own lettuce crop

Students at North Woods International Elementary School are growing and eating fresh vegetables thanks in part to a grant from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.

Nancy Hanson’s classroom is home to a set of Tower Gardens, unique vertical gardens used to grow organic vegetables with only a fraction of the water needed to grow the equivalent amount of produce using traditional methods. The gardens are portable and can be used year-round.

On May 17, two third-grade classes harvested fresh lettuce. “We had enough to fill a whole tray for lunch,” said Mrs. Hanson. “The students were so excited that they ate more salad during one grade level’s lunch than is usually eaten in a whole day!  They said it was the best lettuce they had ever eaten!”

MCHS-FH Logo 2CThe Tower Gardens were purchased this winter with an LPEF grant for $1,690, with underwriting support from Mayo Clinic Health System – Franciscan Healthcare.

Through use of the gardens, students learn a variety of key concepts for third-grade science. Plus, studies show that students are more likely to try and like produce they have a role in growing themselves.

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