Closed (Partial Funding): Support school-community garden through Hintgen Urban Garden project

Summary: Support the Hintgen Urban Garden, a unique project in which the school will collaborate with people of all races and ethnicities within our community to create an inclusive and culturally relevant garden space for staff and students.

Goal: $7,570   •   Amount Raised: $1,237, plus $987 in matching LPEF funds (total $2,224)   •   School: Hintgen Elementary School   •   Sponsor Name: Hintgen Elementary


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About My Project: We will work closely with families in order to establish a Hintgen Urban Garden (H.U.G) that is inclusive and culturally relevant. Hintgen is a low-income school with 59% of its student population being economically disadvantaged. This garden will become an effective tool to build a close-knit community at Hintgen: The students will feel more that they belong at this school. This benefit is important because the students play a major role in the atmosphere of the school, because they are its primary members. This garden will embrace diversity and ensure equity. The garden will also give them the tangible skills to be able to go out into their communities and support a healthier world and enjoy academic work in nature. There will be many positive impacts in the school by inviting local businesses, community members, and elders to Hintgen to be a part of this garden that will build equity, safe space, and inclusiveness.

Many students are also struggling inside the classroom and don’t feel like they have a safe space. The Hintgen Urban Garden (H.U.G) will also provide these students a safe learning space and some time outside of their classroom to do some learning with their teacher or community presenter. It’s also a great way for students to enjoy nature and learn how to appreciate and take care of Earth. With the garden space and presenters available to students at school, it will make learning and coming to school more positive to many children.

Where Your Donation Goes:
Seven raised garden beds, fencing, a shed, a greenhouse, and garden tools, plus services from GROW La Crosse to help maintain the garden and do classroom lessons.

All donations to LPEF are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged via letter. LPEF adds a small surcharge to offset credit card processing fees and related expenses. For more details, go to our About Support-a-School page.

  • If fundraising falls short of the goal, money will be used to fulfill as much of the project as feasible.
  • If fundraising exceeds the goal, the project will be expanded or money will go to a similar purpose at the same school.