Goal Achieved: Hamilton/SOTA I Easel for Outdoor Garden Classroom

Goal achieved!Summary: An easel to utilize in the outdoor garden classroom would enhance teaching and learning in this vibrant, hands-on classroom space..

Goal: $325   •   Amount raised: $325   •   School: Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary School   •   Sponsor Name: GROW La Crosse






About My Project: Hamilton/SOTA I has a beautiful shared outdoor classroom space, and 300 students have the opportunity to use it through at least three garden lessons presented by GROW La Crosse staff in the spring and the summer/fall. Building teachers are able to utilize the garden to assist in teaching classroom standards that correlate with all of the curricular areas (i.e. science, math, art, reading, writing, and social studies.) It is also a space used for community-building activities for classrooms and during informal recess lessons and maintenance.

While the time in the garden is often hands-on planting, tending and harvesting, there is also an introduction and instructional aspect that requires a visual aid such as a diagram or a writing prompt or literary connection. This is often difficult in the outdoor garden due to the fact that there are no easels or white boards. By having an easel, lessons and learning can be enhanced. Teachers will be able to easily display and provide information visually, while also allowing opportunities for interactive writing or activities with the students. The portability of the easel (on wheels) would allow it to be used in the garden, but also in any outdoor space on school grounds. It could also be used by GROW La Crosse staff when needing to do indoor lessons in various locations in the school.

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Deluxe Chart Stand, Tablet, Dry Erase Markers and Erasers and other supplies.

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