Closed (Partial Funding): Teach electricity concepts at Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence

Summary: Help Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence Elementary Schools turn kids “on” to electricity concepts through hands-on devices called Makey Makeys.

Goal: $688   •   Amount raised: $20, plus $20 in matching LPEF funds   •   Schools: Emerson, Southern Bluffs and Spence  •   Sponsor Names: Teachers Katie Gudgeon, Jenny Ruetten, Marcia Gardner and Jean Brady


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About Our Project: In order to capture students’ interest and have them participate in real world applications in electricity, we will be using a device called a Makey Makey. Students will invent projects that combine everyday materials from the classroom with coding processes, using a computer to bring their projects to life. This allows students to become programming and hardware engineers and solve real-world design challenges. In order to fully understand what this device can do, please visit and watch the video.

The Makey Makey company has just packaged a class set with 12 units along with many extras including extra alligator clips and a bound teacher’s manual. Our vision is to share this class set with all fifteen of the fourth and fifth grade classrooms within our schools. It will also be utilized by the Emerson Engineering Club, which runs after school. There are lesson plans aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS) and this supports students’ work in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Language Arts, & Math).

Where Your Donation Goes:
JoyyLabz has put together a class set for ages eight and up that includes 12 kits. In each Makey Makey kit, there is a circuit board, USB connector cord, set of alligator cables, and directions. Along with the class set, there is a Teacher’s Manual, extra sets of alligator cables and various expansion materials.

All donations to LPEF are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged via letter. LPEF adds a small surcharge to offset credit card processing fees and related expenses. For more details, go to our About Support-a-School page.

  • If fundraising falls short of the goal, money will be used to fulfill as much of the project as feasible.
  • If fundraising exceeds the goal, the project will be expanded or money will go to a similar purpose at the same school.