14 Seventh-Grade Students Receive Award for Never Again! Reflection Contest

Charlytte Nuttal from Longfellow Middle Schol and Evelyn Bailey and Emmaline Runyong both from Logan Middle Schol have each won the first-place prize in the Never Again! Reflection Contest from 61 total entries. The contest is designed to bring added meaning to studies of the Holocaust by connecting it with 21st century issues and is sponsored by the Maureen and Robert Freedland LPEF Fund for Studies of the Shoah of the La Crosse Community Foundation.  

From Logan Middle School, Briella Konkel and an anonymous student also won Runner Up. The following students from Longfellow Middle School also placed:

  • Owen Reed – Runner Up
  • Stephanie Alderman – Runner Up
  • Naomi Bush – Runner Up
  • Elsa Kayson – Honorable Mention
  • Sydney Hughes – Honorable Mention
  • Vito Atanasov – Honorable Mention
  • Henry Merkey – Honorable Mention
  • Alejandro Flores – Honorable Mention
  • Sam Chapman – Honorable Mention

All winners will receive a gift certificate and the winning submissions will be on display throughout June on the first floor of the Hogan Administrative Center.

The Maureen and Robert Freedland LPEF Fund for Studies of the Shoah was established at the La Crosse Community Foundation in 2007. Annual proceeds support grants awarded by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation to help students to advance their understanding of the Shoah, the systematic genocide against the Jewish people and other “undesirable” groups targeted for destruction by the Nazis in World War II. In addition to exposing students to the history of the Shoah, teachers are encouraged to help students to recognize the events and beliefs that made the Shoah possible and relate them to events around the world affecting people of many nationalities and religious beliefs. Essay contest prizes were provided through a separate gift from Maureen and Robert Freedland.