2013-14 grants

La Crosse Public Education Foundation Awards $43,000 in Grants for Innovative Projects for 2014

In December 2013, the Foundation approved over $43,000 in grant awards for 24 different programs and projects that promote innovation in teaching and learning in the School District of La Crosse.

The following projects were awarded Classroom Innovation or Proven Practice Grants in 2014:

Hmong Education Project: Laotian Jungle Center Backdrops
Wendy Mattison
La Crosse Central and Logan High Schools $1,115.00

Math Literature Books
Abby Ryan
Emerson Elementary School  $613.00

Technology in the String Program 
Isabel Hoff
SOTA I  $165.00

Muffins with Mom, Doughnuts with Dad
Bridget Hill
Hintgen Elementary School  $900.00

2nd Grade History Trunk
Lisa Alteuter
Emerson Elementary School  $2,100.00

Community Partnerships Field Experiences
Steve Michaels
Hamilton Early Learning Center  $1,500.00

Compassionate Leadership Day (with Craig Hillier) 
Rick Blasing
Lincoln Middle School/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori $3,600.00

Balance Disk Classroom
Melissa Sprain
Lincoln Middle School/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori $513.50

Camp Frog Pond
Erica Rasmussen
Summit Environmental School $916.0

Enrichment Intercession for Year-Round School 
Steve Michaels
Hamilton Early Learning Center $4,000.00

Fitness  Focus
Jason Bahr
Lincoln Middle School/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori $646.40

Logan Ranger Underwater Remote Vehicle
Steve Johnston
Logan High School $1,519.65

Spence Cooking Club 
Katie Gudgeon
Spence Elementary  $760.00

Project E3T: Explore, Examine, Experiment with Technology
Denise Strudthoff
Longfellow Middle School/La Crosse Design Institute $4,000.00

Music Instrumental Ultrasonic Cleaner
Charles Schreader
Longfellow Middle School/La Crosse Design Institute $6,255.00

Wired for Sound
Amanda Wolfgram
North Woods International School  $730.30

Hot Dot Independent Centers
Sarah Kratt
North Woods International School  $950.00

Southern Bluffs Wellness for All 
Casey Scheuerell
Southern Bluffs Elementary School  $750.00

Crafting Customized Learning: Technology for Learners
Amy Schneider
All Elementary Schools $7,872.00

IntroFit Fitness Training for All
Lisa Boyer
Summit Environmental School $2,000.00

Powered by Art
Toni Asher
Pump House Regional Arts Center/La Crosse Schools $500.00

Words to Music—The Compassion Project
Beth Bonney
La Crosse Chamber Chorale/La Crosse Schools  $1,250.00

WIN (What I Need)
Derek Fugslan
Hintgen Elementary School  $350.00

Conversations with Author Mitali Perkins
Rick Stewart
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Jean Crayton
Emerson Elementary School