School Staff Shining Stars, Part 2

We knew the School District of La Crosse was filled with many shining stars. But we never imagined so many nominations would be submitted when we asked people to identify staff members who deserved special recognition.

Click here to read about the Elementary School nominees.

See below for the Secondary School nominees, and also those whose role is Districtwide or Administrative.

Secondary Schools

Jill Abing, Logan High School teacher

  • “She is such a good and patient teacher. Always willing to go the extra mile in helping her students understand the topics that they are learning about.”

Andy Barth, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Andy Barth took on all sorts of new challenges this year, but without hesitation or complaint. Due to the pandemic as well as student numbers Longfellow had to do some switching around of staff and Andy by far had the biggest switch. Going from 8th grade math and science to ELA and social studies couldn’t have been the most smooth transition, but never once did I hear Andy complain. Andy is always willing to build relationships with students and offer them a second chance in his classroom. Andy is humble and quiet, but his effort and positive, go with the flow attitude should not go unnoticed.”

Elizabeth Becker, Logan Middle/North Woods teacher

  • “Beth is better than any teacher I know at tirelessly arranging music to different levels so that EVERY child can be successful. She was teaching with differentiation before the word was invented! She regularly takes a song that her students already love and arranges it for their instrument, and even arranges pieces for All City Strings so that students elementary through high school can all play the same song together.”

Rosemary Bodnar, Lincoln teacher

  • “This school year has been something. Mrs. B has gone above and beyond the call of duty! She was so supportive to our entire family helping us navigating this school year. Everything from the daily calls and texts weekly drop-offs of school supplies to help Covien with his homework. She has Zoomed with Covien nights and weekends to make him feel more comfortable when he was needing some extra help. In January she found out I was sick and she dropped off homemade chocolate chips cookies that were still warm!! I can’t thank her enough because I know I would not have made it through this school year without her.”

Ashley Burke, Logan Middle teacher

  • “Although Ms. Burke is a first year teacher, she is very aware of her students needs and adjusts her teaching so that they may learn at their best. She is patient and resourceful and goes the extra mile to help students learn.”

Mike Esser, Central High School teacher

  • “He deserves this because it’s obvious, he’s the BEST music teacher of all time! He brings out the best in all of his students. He not only teaches music but teaches us all how to work hard, don’t give up and to be disciplined. Not only that, look at all the trophies he’s brought back to Central over the numerous years of teaching. He deserves much praise and recognition for all that he’s done for all of us students past and present. He’s truly an amazing teacher!”

Christina Fenton, Logan Middle teacher

  • “Christina consistently puts the needs of students first in every interaction. Beyond that, she is dedicated to improving school culture and mentoring younger staff and student teachers. Christina is a model of what every single staff member should be.”

Kelsey Ferkingstad, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Ms. Ferkingstad not only takes the time to reach out to students who need extra attention and assistance, she also takes time to reach out to parents and “just let them know their kid is doing awesome.” Communication is key and she takes the time to keep everyone connected. Thank you!”

Tricia Gibbons, Logan High School teacher

  • “Mrs. Gibbons has gone out of her way to help my autistic son maintain a routine and schedule during the pandemic. She meets with him on Zoom several times a week and even during the evenings. She cares about her students as a whole person. She is simply amazing.”

Jolene Goodman, Central High administrative assistant

  • “Jolene works so hard everyday with a smile on her face. She is the first person that people see coming into Central and she is answering phones, letting people in, screening students and guests, finding subs to fill last minute teacher vacancies and so much more but it still always friendly and happy. Jolene is willing to help with things that are beyond her job duties and she is one that knows the answer’s to any question people have.”

Roxanne Hicke, Lincoln Middle School cook

  • “She is one of the best lunch ladies ever. Roxanne not only makes really good food that students enjoy, but also cares for the students she has. She makes sure everyone is fed and even teaches the students about nutrition. Also, every month, she’ll create a new theme for the whiteboard in the hallway to make the environment educational and fun. If anyone deserves this award it’s Roxanne Hicke.”
  • “Roxanne cares a lot about her job and the kids she is affects every day. She goes out of her way to change the white board every month to bring a positive atmosphere to the school upon many other things she does for the school!”
  • “She always wants to put a smile on people’s faces – you can tell she cares.”
  • “She is an amazing person who cares about the kids.”
  • “Throughout the years I’ve known Roxie, she has shown she keeps not only bellies but hearts full, too.”

Christie Hogan, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Christie has been dedicated throughout the last year and half of school to deliver high quality, functional, and relevant learning to each of her special education students whether the classroom has been virtual or in-person. She has spent countless hours outside of the contracted time to find appropriate learning tools, deliver materials to families, communicate with parents, and communicate with the teaching team. She is a very strong link in our strong special education team at Longfellow.”

Mandi Hundt, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “Mrs. Hundt worked so hard to ensure her students had a quality learning experience, in the midst of serious challenges! She kept families informed throughout, and just did an overall rock star job! She looked for creative ways to help kids learn at every turn. We are so thankful for her!”

Matt Johnson, Longfellow Middle School building engineer

  • Matt Johnson, Longfellow Middle School building engineer, demonstrates a skateboarding basic skill in one of the videos he has created for a student club.

    “Matt Johnson understands his role as Building Engineer inside and out. He has taken an old building and made it shine using his skills and hard work. This work is exceptional as is but on top of that, Matt has started a skateboarding club with Longfellow students after school. This is done on his own time and is not part of his job but something that Matt enjoys doing and wants to train others in. He has also created over a dozen YouTube videos for his students to watch and learn from. Matt is an exceptional person and deserves all of the recognition he can get for his extraordinary work!”

  • “Matt Johnson has gone above and beyond to ensure our building was ready each time we had a transition. When we went from Virtual to Blended he ensured all classroom teachers had their classes set up how they need it and did all the heavy lifting. When we went 100% face-to-face, he ensured all teachers were good to go. With his team, he switched classroom desk, tables, chairs, and everything in between to make sure teachers could do their job properly and safely. I feel like Matt and his team have not been recognized enough and I believe he deserves the recognition for being such an outstanding building engineer for Longfellow Middle School. Did I mention he started a new skateboarding club to ensure our school meets the needs of students who may be marginalized and may not feel connected to our school due to our limited opportunities we can provide? The new skateboarding club has really taken off and it is so excited to see students connected and feeling like they belong at their school.”
  • “Matt is an amazing addition to Longfellow. He has a lot of energy and always fixes problems quickly. He often goes above and beyond to make sure that students and staff are taken care of. He has worked very hard with all of the furniture changes with COVID room arrangements and has found creative solutions to issues. He’s also often seen working with students and started a Skateboard club at Longfellow. The kids and staff at Longfellow all think he is awesome!”
  • “Matt Johnson has gone above and beyond to make Longfellow Middle School look spotless and feel clean this school year. He has only been at Longfellow since this summer, but from the outside landscaping to the basement storage, Mr. Johnson has taken it upon himself to deep clean and maintain a fresh look at our school on a daily basis. Our staff can tell the Mr. Johnson takes pride in his work and has positive relationships with colleagues and students. For example, since reopening our schools 100% in full, Mr. Johnson has been running Skateboard Club here at Longfellow. The after school activity gets kids active and learning a new skill besides academics. Through his actions, we can tell that Mr. Johnson cares about the making this school comfortable and clean for staff and students.”

Paula Johnson, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “Our family has been lucky enough to have Paula Johnson as a teacher for both of our children. She is an excellent communicator with both students and parents, and excels at motivating and encouraging the kids in her classes. She cares for her students and works SO HARD to be engaging. We are grateful.”
  • “Miss Johnson has offered her middle schoolers so much grace and understanding during a terrible year while also encouraging learning and community. I’ve been so impressed!”
  • “PJ went above and beyond to recognize students’ hard work, and supported struggling students tirelessly. She was such a positive force in these challenging times. We appreciate her Tuesday Shout-outs so much! We are so thankful for her!”

Lori Kaminski, Logan High School teacher

  • “Ms. Kaminski goes above and beyond when it comes to spending extra time one-on-one with students to make sure they have an understanding of concepts. She is always in tune to each students needs and responds accordingly. In addition, she if fun and has a wonderful rapport with students.”
  • “Ms. Kaminski models “above and beyond” for her students; I can speak to her efforts from both a professional and personal perspective (she has taught two of my own children). Ms. Kaminski’s dedication to her students is tremendous!”

Teri Kendhammer, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Teri goes above and beyond where students and staff are concerned. She is always taking the extra step to reach a student. She wears a ton of different hats and is readily available to help out a colleague.”

Brianna Larcom, La Crosse Polytechnic teacher

  • “Not only is Ms. Larcom an outstanding teacher, but she started her career during the pandemic. Despite the environment, she was able to form strong relationships with the students. My high schooler finds Ms. Larcom to be one of her favorite teachers ever.”

Katie Leaver, Logan High administrative assistant

  • “Ms. Leaver embodies the idea of the “Logan Family”. Her compassion, care, and goodwill in the main office is leaned on by staff and students alike. Ms. Leaver is one of the many reasons that “It is a great day to be a Ranger”!”

Xeng Lee, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Our two middle schoolers have Mr. Lee, and speak so highly of him. He connects with kids, finds what they are interested in, and makes learning fun, engaging and relevant. Our son, who has never played tennis before, asked if he could go out for the Longfellow tennis team just because Mr. Lee is the coach. For middle schoolers to seek out more time with their teachers really says a lot about the type of person and teacher Mr. Lee is.”

Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori Staff

  • “All of the staff at the Lincoln building have gone above what has been asked to keep kids safe. Teachers, TA’s, AA’s have willingly added escorting students between classes, supervision of lunches, and more to their daily routines. Custodians, Food Service, Office staff, teachers and teacher assistants have all done more to add and adjust routines as needed. It has made a difference in safety and climate in our school. This has been an ALL HANDS ON DECK venture. I am very grateful for their support of all the things we had to implement this year.”

Dawn Martin, Central High School teacher

  • “Dawn is an outstanding educator. She cares deeply for every one of her special students in her ID classroom. Not only does she teach to their individual strengths and needs, she also does a great job balancing the work schedule of up to five other teacher assistants that work with the students in her charge. I have been in education since 1980 and I truly believe that Mrs. Martin is one of the best that I have ever worked with.”
  • “She has been wonderful with always keeping the students’ needs at best interests in mind, and working through limitations to give them the education & school experiences they deserve.”

Eric Martin, Logan High teacher

  • “Mr. Martin deserves recognition because he motivates his students — not only by his captivating teaching style, but also because he has high expectations for them. These high expectations convey respect, and they are offered with support. His high regard for his students allows them to flourish as developing persons and thinkers. He advocates for their academic well-being inside and outside of the classroom. His sense of humor adds a wonderful touch. Thank you, Mr. Martin!”

Randy Mastin, Lincoln Middle School teacher

  • “Mr. Mastin has spent a career showing students how to love music. He has used the medium of orchestra to share his love of music and inspire students to do their best. His strengths of string pedagogy are only outmatched by his ability to connect with any student that enters his classroom. He is retiring this year and will be missed by students and colleagues alike.”

Jennifer McMahon, Central High teacher

  • “Besides being an excellent Spanish teacher, Jennifer goes above and beyond by creating and maintaining positive relationships with her students. These positive relationships along with Jennifer’s encouragement have helped many of her students succeed in all their classes (as well as Spanish).”
  • “Miss McMahon had our oldest daughter in middle school Spanish and again in high school Spanish. She clearly connects with her students, as our daughter speaks of her frequently and how “fun” she is as a teacher. She treats her students with respect, gives them the opportunity to showcase their skills, and makes the effort to connect with them.”

Ruth McQuiston-Keil, Longfellow Middle cook

  • “Ruth cares deeply about each and every student at Longfellow. She works with students to be positive, have good manners, and remedy poor choices. She is very patient and loving. She also runs a tight ship. She has updated her systems, utilizing technology for breakfast, to be COVID safe and make sure all 450 in-person students are fed lunch in a timely and safe manner.”

Julie Miller, Logan High teacher assistant

  • “Julie is a fantastic TA at Logan High and is someone that not only supports the LMC director but almost all of LHS in a variety of different tasks, programs, and activities that happen here. She helps to proctor tests, helps run the front desk/security, run the library, work sporting events, ask kids how they are doing, setup equipment, and does it all with a smile on her face. She is a fantastic human being and should be recognized for her hard efforts here at LHS and within the district of La Crosse.”

Xia Moua, Logan Middle School teacher assistant

  • “Xia is an outstanding role model for all students at Logan Middle School. She gets to know the names of all students grades six through eight and assists any student that may be struggling, so they can be successful. She has a very quiet demeanor, but will do anything for any student; therefore, earning their respect. She also has a great understanding of what is expected by each classroom teacher and supports each teacher in his/her classroom.”

Angela Molling-Enright, Logan High teacher

  • “Angie continually goes above and beyond to help students in the Youth Apprenticeship program. She truly cares that her students are getting the best experience possible, and she always has their back when situations arise. She spends a tremendous amount of time promoting and supporting this program, while teaching Business classes and creating the Logan High School yearbook. Angie is very dedicated to the students, staff, and parents of Logan High School, and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met.”

Krissie Murphy, Longfellow Middle substitute teacher

  • “Krissie Murphy stepped in and helped Longfellow in a huge way during the pandemic. While teachers were out maternity/paternity Krissie stepped up in the midst of virtual and hybrid learning during the pandemic and took on two long term sub positions. She has been with us through it all and gone with the flow. She has taken time to build relationships with students and really wants to see them succeed and do well. We are so lucky to have her on our team.”

Melissa Murray, Lincoln Middle/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori principal:

  • “Principal Murray not only creates a welcoming, inclusive school environment; she participates in the community to create a welcoming, inclusive environment. From community dinners to collaborating with school partners she makes connections to benefit her students.”

Alicia Nielsen, Logan High administrative assistant

  • “Alicia Nielsen is the welcoming face just inside Student Services at Logan. She fields endless requests not only from students but also from staff. She goes above and beyond to help everyone, whether it is getting students to the appropriate counselor, getting graduation attire, or helping with office software. She does this all with her big smile and good humor.”

Melissa Norman, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “I think Mrs. Norman should be nominated because she educates us in fun and educational ways. Also she has taught me about so many things on virtual and in person, like nutrition, the health triangle, and so many more. That’s why I think Melissa Norman should be nominated.”

Kim Novak, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “Mrs. Novak continued to work so very hard to provide a terrific learning experience for kids. She gave kids the personal help they needed, and worked so hard to ensure the best possible digital experience. She also was very willing to share her tech expertise with other teachers. She is spectacular!”
  • “She has excellent teaching skills and explains things really well.”

Brian Olson, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “Mr. Olson worked so hard to continue to deliver quality instruction in the face of very real challenge. He kept history interesting and engaging, even when virtual. He also has built a reputation as a teacher always willing to help and support colleagues in their quest to serve kids. We appreciate him so much!”

Samantha Parkhurst, Logan Middle teacher

  • “Mrs. Parkhurst is a very compassionate, patient, yet motivating and exciting teacher. 6th graders love her! (And so do parents!)”

Mark Pomplun, Logan Middle/Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “His patience during remote lessons is amazing. He repeats notes and tunes for my child without hesitation. He encourages my child to keep practicing which isn’t always easy to do! Thank you Mr. Pomplun!”

Alexis Raatz, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Ms. Raatz is almost always positive. She listens to every student and values their ideas and their learning. Ms. Raatz works hard every day to help her students overcome barriers and learn to their greatest potential. Thank you, Ms. Raatz, for being a ray of starry light this entire year!”
  • “Lexi Raatz has always been an amazing teacher that goes above and beyond for her students, but in the midst of this crazy year this has really shone through. Lexi was told close to the start of the school year that she would be moved from her usual position of 8th grade ELA/Social Studies to 7th and 8th grade ELA/Social Studies for CRVA. This was a hard transition for Lexi, but she maintained grace and positivity through the whole thing. Lexi has gone above and beyond in her role with CRVA having individual 1:1 Zoom meetings with students, printing paper packets for students that just need that extra support, and even creating her own songs and dances while dressing up as people throughout history. No matter where she goes or what she does Lexi brings her own flair to education that the students love. Our district is so lucky to have her.”

Erin Schmuck, SOTA II teacher

  • “Mrs. Schmuck is the heart and foundation of SOTA II. She is able to gently challenge each child and nudge them to be even better. Both Schmuck and (Josh) Wolcott are a dynamic duo, SOTA II isn’t a classroom it is a family. Schmuck is always a calming influence and the students always know they can come to her. If there is an issue or a tough topic that needs to be addressed, she takes the time to do it. This past year Erin has been teaching alone and she has been in tune with the needs of the students. SOTA II is the only classrooms where I don’t worry. I have complete faith and trust in what they do. I know when my kids are with Erin they will be treated with dignity, respect, compassion, and understanding. We joke in our house and call her Momma Schmuck. She is an educator that my children will remember their whole lives. Every child deserves to have an Erin Schmuck in their lives. She is a dedicated educator that is always learning and growing. Erin is a top notch quality educator who most certainly is a shining star. Her light helps show students the way to learn.”
  • “She is wonderful teacher keeping all students online and helped all students if issues arise. She contacts me if there where any problems or issues with missing assignments. This has been a very challenging school year, but I believe it brought the best out of her when it comes to providing a positive role model.”
  • “She shows love for every student and finds different ways to make them feel special and important. My son has had so many difficulties with staff since he began school. Ms. Schmuck is the teacher that he seems to finally trust. Ms. Schmuck has also gone above and beyond during the pandemic to help us parents. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She is just as patient with the parents as she is with the students. Thank you, thank you. We love her.”
  • “Unparalleled concern and care for her students combined with the ability to foster their independent spirits.”

Charles Stoflet, Central High teacher

  • “Mr. Stoflet has been an accommodating and caring teacher especially during COVID. He frequently checks in with us on how we are doing personally and with our workload in class. He asks for constructive criticism with class work and adjusts his teaching and criteria all while encouraging us to do our best.”

Mary Ender Stutesman, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Mary brings encouragement, kindness, and a sense of calm to the lives of many students and colleagues alike here at Longfellow! Mary displays passion for music and self-growth that inspires others to shine bright! Thanks for all that you do, Mary!”

Kristin Valdez Espinoza, Central High School teacher

  • “Mrs. Valdez has been the best teacher I have ever had in my history of school (I am a senior now). She has such patience for her students and never judges when someone does not understand the material she is teaching us or when a student does not turn in an assignment on time. She listens to her students and always brings a bright spin to all of our days with her positive attitude and great teaching abilities. I have never understood math better then when I had Mrs. Valdez as a teacher!”

Jen Voigt, Central High School teacher

  • “Jen is a phenomenal teacher leader. Always willing to lend a ‘helping hand’ to her students, families, colleagues and administration – Jen inspires all to be the best we can be. I rely on Jen for progressive ideas and attention to detail. Jen is trusted and respected by everyone because she is both compassionate and highly successful in and out of the classroom. She models what I call “Yes, we can!” learning environments that empower students to achieve and teachers to persist. Her warm, sincere and encouraging nature makes her a favorite teacher loved by all. To know Jen Voigt is to love and respect her. Jen’s distinguished skill set and positive regard for those she serves is making a profound and positive difference here in the School District of La Crosse.”

Katy Weber, La Crosse Polytechnic teacher

  • “Oftentimes, we don’t hear about the educators who quietly, day-in and day-out, advocate for students, create amazing learning experiences, and genuinely care for every child who walks through the door. Katy Weber is that kind of teacher. She is the teacher who finds humor and grace in the tough situations, assumes a calmness despite the chaos, and sets high expectations for each and every student–and works hard to see students achieve these goals!”

Alyson Wilcox, Central High teacher

  • “She is not only an amazing teacher she connects to her students so well. I had her two years in a row and I learned so much about children and how to take care of them, but she also talked about and showed a lot of life lessons.”
  • “She is a very good teacher, who goes out and about for her students beyond requirement.”
  • “I believe Ms. Wilcox deserves this because she understands us. When we are having bad days she doesn’t push us. She does mental health checks on Wednesdays. She treats us as the young adults we are.”
  • “Ms. Wilcox makes sure her students are healthy and well mentally and physically. She makes me feel comfortable in her room, and she has a safe space for students to vent.”

Dawn Wood-Quast, Lincoln Middle School/SOTA II teacher:

  • “She is an amazing advocate for students.”

Leah Wyland, Lincoln Middle teacher

  • “Senora Wyland is simply AMAZING! She is the right combination of fun and no-nonsense. She is engaging and encouraging and knows how to help students fall in love with learning.”
  • “Senora has worked so hard to ensure our kids still have a solid learning experience. She has given so much of herself and we appreciate her so very much!”

Jocie Zaja, Longfellow Middle teacher

  • “Jocie Zaja is a bright light at Longfellow Middle School. As one of the special education staff here she goes above and beyond to assist students with a variety of needs. Her passion for mental health and social emotional learning really shined this year. This year has been tough for all, but Jocie has taken it on with a growth mindset and can-do attitude. Her collaboration with staff and the community truly makes her students and our staff better people.”
  • “Ms. Zaja has created a beautiful and calm environment in her classroom for her students to learn in and feel safe in. She goes above and beyond in all she does, especially by getting creative to engage students with one another and with their school work. It is a pleasure to be able to collaborate with her and hear her ideas. Our district is very lucky to have her!”

Mark Ziegler, Logan High teacher

  • “Mr. Ziegler is an amazing science teacher! Both of my kids had him, and often talked about his class as one of their favorites. He seems to make great connections with his students and is dedicated to helping them all succeed! Thanks for being awesome!”

Garrett Zimmerman, La Crosse Polytechnic principal

  • “Garrett has been put to the biggest tests of leadership through not only the pandemic but also at the same time bringing two schools together in a new location. His leadership was critical in successfully forming a strong community despite the most challenging conditions. He was also, during that same time, key in strengthening the governing board and bringing CRVA into the mix.”

Districtwide or Administrative

Anna Goldbeck, administrative assistant, Buildings and Grounds

  • “Anna is the “go to” person of the district. Anna is relentless in making sure our buildings have what they need. She assists our office in every aspect of the B&G and transportation. Anna has a great work ethic and personality you would want in this position. She applied and got a grant for feminine hygiene products in the buildings. During COVID shutdown, our office was here in the building trying to make sure buildings were still running and everyone was getting all the protective equipment needed to get back.”

Jenna Euler, Nurse

  • “In addition to taking care of our school (North Woods) she also leads the contact tracing for the district which is a difficult, time consuming and emotional job. Her positivity, detail orientation and humor has helped us get through many intense situations. She’s a pro!”

Shelley Johnson and all the School Nurses

  • “These women have navigated through and guided school staff, students, parents and community through the COVID pandemic. They are the liaison for the district and medical professionals ensuring the health and safety of the school district. They have written policies and protocols for everyone to follow while continuing to perform their everyday activities of caring for the health of everyone in the district. They worked hard to ensure that over 1,400 staff received the COVID vaccine. They have played an integral part in how well the School District of La Crosse fared through the pandemic.”

Dan Koenen, craftsman, District Shop

  • “Dan is my Dad and Grandpa to my children, he takes care of us. He also takes care of the schools and building in the La Crosse School District. Since starting as a custodian he has repaired, improved or replaced items to make our schools the best they can be. One teacher was so pleased to have her water table raised so she didn’t have to bend over as far. It was a simple task for him but made her day. When my daughter got stuck in a bathroom stall he was sure to “Check it out” so it wouldn’t happen again. I’m sure there are so many more, but my Dad doesn’t like to brag. He’s just doing his job but to others he makes days easier, safer, and more productive.”

Sara Lieurance, Nurse

  • “Sara has worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to contact trace, educate and vaccinate all school district staff and district families. She has put in countless hours, seven days a week, in order to respond to all issues as soon as they would come up. Sara has done all of this with great compassion, a caring heart, a breadth of knowledge and infectious spirit. Even on the toughest, most chaotic days, Sara remains composed, professional and positive. We have been blessed to have someone with Sara’s skillset, sense of humor, calming nature and “can-do” attitude to lead us.”
  • “Sara has gone above and beyond for the district, especially this year with COVID-19. She has educated herself thoroughly, is in constant contact with the county as well as state for guidance and offers a wealth of knowledge for staff when questions arise. Her contact tracing work has led her to be working long hours, yet she does so tirelessly and without complaint and all for the health and safety of our staff and students. She is a rock star!”
  • “Sara has worked tirelessly to creatively solve problems as they arise and support us all. We are so thankful for her cheerful help!”