Priorities for Excellence

Through LPEF, community members and organizations efficiently and effectively put support for public education into action. In addition to Random Acts of Kindness and Gold Star Grants, LPEF connects community support for public education to other district-wide priorities. LPEF assists with securing outside grant funding for special projects and has helped launch important initiatives like Community Schools at Northside and Hamilton Elementary Schools.

Currently LPEF serves as the fiscal sponsor of Solar on La Crosse Schools (SOLS) to support solar energy education and installation of solar energy systems on La Crosse public schools. By 2024, new projects will power an outdoor solar-powered classroom at Summit Elementary and projects at La Crosse Polytechnic School, spearheading cost-saving energy, education programming and more.

All together LPEF directs $250,000 – 350,000 to provide enhanced educational experiences in the School District of La Crosse each year.

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