The Freedlands established their perpetual fund at the La Crosse Community Foundation to support studies in the School District of La Crosse. In 2015, they established a second fund to make Holocaust education available throughout the region, including for private schools. For background on the two funds, download this flyer from the La Crosse Community Foundation.

Recent grants supported by the fund include:

Among staff working on Holocaust units to be included in new social studies curriculum for the School District of La Crosse were: (back from left) Sandy Brauer, Geri Patschull, Bobbi Gillitzer and Eric Martin; (front from left) Jeanne Halderson, Scott Bagniefski and Jill Gorell.

  • $1,240 to transport Logan Middle and Logan High School students to listen and learn from Peter Feigl at the Viterbo Arts for Young America Series. Recipient: Tammy Gruen.
  • $2,969 to purchase copies of the book White Bird and book covers for all 7th grade classrooms. Recipient: Jeanne Halderson.
  • $2,870 to fund the purchase of new materials for use in Holocaust studies curriculum for 7th grade social studies, plus high school US and World history courses. The curriculum is being developed by a team of teachers including: Bobbi Gillitzer, Eric Martin, Jeanne Halderson, Scott Bagniefski, Brad Masche, Ben Hamburger and Christina Fenton.
  • $2,070 to Jeanne Halderson and 7th-grade teachers at Longfellow Middle School to attend the Viterbo University Holocaust Educator Training and to purchase related materials.
  • $1,160 to Scott Bagniefski and teachers at Lincoln Middle School to attend the Viterbo Holocaust Educator Training.
  • $1,135 to Jill Gorell and the 8th-grade unit at Logan Middle School for purchase of books and support for a presentation by Tim Scott, an attorney and frequent speaker on understanding the Holocaust and how it relates to current events.
  • $2,084 to Scott Bagniefski and a team at Lincoln Middle School for purchase of books, a community presentation by Tim Scott and an opportunity for some teachers to attend the Viterbo Holocaust Educator Training.

To donate to the Maureen and Robert Freedland LPEF Fund for Studies of the Shoah Grants, make an online donation and add “Shoah Fund” to the comments, or mail your contribution to LPEF, P.O. Box 1811, La Crosse, WI 54602.