LPEF YouTube channel to feature video series on Gold Star Grants

La Crosse’s Gold Star Educators will be sharing stories about the impact of grants from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation in a series of videos for LPEF’s YouTube channel.  Featured videos include:

Hamilton/SOTA I Osmo Kits features a $950 grant that allowed teacher Carrie Wuensch-Harden to buy two Osmo Kits, plus related software, for use at Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary. The game system is used in concert with school iPads to inspire creativity, creative thinking, communication and collaboration. This grant was underwritten by Mooresmiles.

Logan High Spanish Readers features a $720 grant used to purchase 30 classroom readers of four Spanish-language books for Logan High School’s Spanish classes taught by Rhonda McGowan and Katie Beyer. The grant was underwritten by support from LHI.

Summit English Language Learners highlights two grants to Mary Zong from LPEF that help English Language Learners improve vocabulary and fluency: a 2016-17 grant for $1,728 for Reader’s Theater materials; and a 2017-18 grant for $1,158 for Story Stones.

Hamilton Tech Essentials Academy shows how students are becoming technology leaders able to support peers through a $339 LPEF grant awarded to Hamilton/SOTA I Elementary Teacher Carrie Wuensch-Harden.

Grant recipients during the 2017-18 school year are being encouraged to submit one-minute videos, and may want to involve students in creating the video. As an incentive, LPEF is offering educators the choice of an added $50 grant for their classroom, or they can host a pizza party (up to $60 value).

Gold Star Educators seeking more information, should contact LPEF Executive Director David Stoeffler.

Email: david@lacrosseeducationfoundation.org

Office: (608) 787-0226