LPEF Awards District Staff Shining Stars

Last month, we received over 180 nominations for Shining Stars within the District!

Three staff members were selected to receive grants from the Tom and Jean Heyt Thompson Fund to be used at their discretion to benefit their schools:

Garrett Carlson, Teacher, Logan High School – $200 grant

Tom Thompson shares nominations with Garret Carlson.

Jean Thompson, Garrett Carlson, Beth Forde (Dean of Students), Tom Thompson


Bryan Skiles, Custodian, Southern Bluffs Elementary – $150 grant

Maggie Maine (Principal), Jean Thompson, Brian Skiles, Tom Thompson

Rick Blasing, Counselor, Lincoln – $150 grant

Rick Blasing, Tom Thompson

They grants could be used, among other things, to work with their principal to help with a specific need, to fund a project/idea they’d like to bring to their school, or to sponsor a Gold Star Grant.

Additionally, we drew the following names at random from the remaining nominees, who will each receive $50 in Downtown Main Street gift certificates:

  • Joseph Beck, Logan High School
  • Lisa Colburn, Central High School
  • Katie Crowley, Summit Elementary
  • Kaitlin Grey, State Road Elementary
  • Rebecca Hallahan, Logan High School
  • Tim Miller, Logan High School
  • Kim Novak, Lincoln Middle
  • Nicholas Stone, Logan High School
  • Cassandra Tolvstad, Logan High School
  • Mike Wuensch, North Woods Elementary

Congratulations to our Shining Star winners!  You are appreciated and valued, not only by LPEF, but by your colleagues, students and parents.