LPEF will accept gifts of publicly traded securities, including stocks, mutual funds, municipal and corporate bonds, and treasury bills and notes. Donating securities with significant increased values may have substantial tax benefits for you, as the charitable deduction is based on the market value, while you avoid paying capital gains taxes on the unrealized gains on the donated securities. (Please see disclaimer below.)

Before making a gift of stock, please advise LPEF of your plans by contacting Executive Director Nell Saunders-Scott at 608-787-0226 or email: nell@lacrosseeducationfoundation.org. Please provide the following information:

  • Name(s) of the corporation(s), or ticker symbol(s), and the number of shares or bonds you are giving
  • Name and contact information of your broker
  • The purpose of your gift (e.g., greatest need or to a specific fund or purpose, including endowments or other planned gifts)

Download instructions for donating stock to LPEF

A donor who chooses to remain anonymous has provided funding through gifts of stock to LPEF in support of reading tutors at Hamilton and Northside Elementary Schools.

Since neither the members of the LPEF Board of Directors nor its staff are professional investment portfolio managers, it is the policy of the organization to liquidate securities immediately upon receipt. Publicly traded securities are subject to market volatility and LPEF cannot guarantee the price received upon liquidation.

For gifting purposes, stocks are valued at the average of the highest and lowest values on the date the gift was made. For mutual funds, the gift’s value is determined by multiplying the number of shares by the closing price on the date of the gift.

Proceeds from the sale of securities are considered unrestricted gifts unless the donor has imposed a restriction as a condition of the gift, in which case procedures for accounting for restricted contributions will be followed.

DISCLAIMER: It is our policy to remind benefactors that LPEF does not provide tax, legal, financial or related advice concerning gifts, and encourages benefactors to seek out their own personal advisers on such matters.