2015 Bowtie Classic

Joining Greg Brickl to play for Central High were Jamie Barrett, Sydney Hulbert and Kelli Laufenberg.

Playing for Central High School were Chuck Dutchin, LPEF Board member Shawn Dutchin, Howard Eglash and Sydney Dutchin.

Playing for Emerson Elementary — and winning a third-place prize of $125 — were Associate Superintendent Troy Harcey, School Board member Jeff Meyer, Assistant Central High Principal Troy McDonald and Superintendent Randy Nelson.

Playing on a team sponsored by Susan Miller and headed by teacher Scott Grade were Max Mollway, Caleb Lycke and Jax Mahlum.

Chip Schroeder headed a team sponsored by Susan Miller with students Matt Schroeder, Jake Kirschner and Tony Dodge.

Jeanie Everson, daughter of Dr. Charles Miller III and Susan Miller, was joined by family and friends — from left: Fred Everson, Daniel Everson (front), Jeanie Everson, Bob Krajewski (back), Esther Everson, Saul Sigmund and Jarena Everson. They played for State Road Elementary.

Playing for the La Crosse Design Institute at Longfellow Middle were: Carolyn Beard, LPEF Board Member Cari Mathwig-Ramseier, Sister Sue Ernster and Karla Stanek.

The Lincoln/SOTA II/Coulee Montessori team lead by Eric Check (right) included Chester Janke, Travis Check and Adam Peterson.

Winning first place and $500 for Logan High School was the team of Ben Fowler, Brad Fowler, Tom Londergan and Scott Straker.

Playing for Logan High were Rich Bean, Lad Doolittle, School Board member Ken French and Woody Wiedenhoeft.

Playing for Logan Middle School were (from left), Nick Pica, Joe Pica, Connor Haggerty and Logan Middle Principal Jay Pica.

Playing for Longfellow Middle School was a team including sponsors Festival Foods and Coulee Bank. From left are: Heather Church, Aaron Aspenson, Mike Garves and LPEF Board Vice President Tammy Larson.

Playing for North Woods Elementary — and winning a second-place prize of $250 — was the team of Brent Wilkerson, Beau Elston, Kevin Hooper and Josh Buxton.

This Boys & Girls Club team, led by Jake Brown, included Andriel Morgan, Chris Lopez and Cole Parins-Renwick. The team was sponsored by Midwest Fuels, the presenting sponsor for the 2015 Bowtie Classic. Playing for Northside Elementary, the team won $125 for fourth place.

The Festival Foods team, playing for Southern Bluffs, included Evan Lamb, Alex Powell, Matt Haese and Adam Wershofen.

Playing for Spence Elementary were Jerry Seeger, Janice Seeger, Ed Pilmonas and Nancy Pilmonas.

Playing for State Road Elementary — Dave Healy, Dave Gluch, Todd Ihrkce and Tyler Ihrkce.

Representing the Boys & Girls Club was a team led by AJ Halverson, including Julian Erickson, Floyd Thomas and Max Harcey. The team was sponsored by Midwest Fuels, the presenting sponsor for the 2015 Bowtie Classic. They played for Summit Elementary.

Susan Miller, wife of the late Dr. Charles Miller III, joins former Superintendent Jerry Kember selling raffle tickets at the Sept. 5 Bowtie Classic.