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The La Crosse Public Education Foundation (LPEF) is pleased again this year to join with the School District of La Crosse in saluting retiring teachers and other staff members.

LPEF will help underwrite the cost of the District Retirement Dinner in mid-May, and will again partner with the La Crosse Tribune to publicly recognize 37 employees who have already retired or have scheduled retirement this spring or summer. See list below.

Former students, colleagues and friends looking for a way to honor and recognize these people for their dedicated service to education may want to consider a gift to LPEF. We’ve created a special recognition program to encourage these types of lasting gifts.

  • For each gift of $35 or more, we’ll provide the retiring staff member with a complimentary ticket (limit 4) to our Grants Award Luncheon set for Jan. 16, 2017.
  • The retiree honored with the greatest number of gifts (by June 30) will be recognized at the Grants Award Luncheon – and a classroom or staff development grant will be awarded in his/her name.

For information and form to submit your gift, download our special flyer.

Retirees, most recent position and years of service to the School District of La Crosse

David Aponte, Central High teacher, 16 years

Rachel Aspenson, Logan High teacher, 27 years

Ruthann Bahr, Longfellow Middle teacher assistant, 31 years

Deborah Bemis, Emerson Elementary teacher, 29 years

Carol Bloom, District physical therapist/teacher, 38 years

Thomas Campbell, Logan High teacher, 23 years

Kim Dahl, Hamilton Elementary custodian, 10 years

Amy Ellingson, Logan High teacher, 20 years

Sharon Floyd, Longfellow Middle school nutrition staff, 16 years (retired Nov. 2015)

Lois Gissal, Logan High health assistant, 16 years

Curt Grinde, Hintgen Elementary teacher, 32 years

Randy Haas, Emerson Elementary teacher, 22 years

Kathryn Hietbrink, Central High and Juvenile Detention Center teacher/counselor, 11 years

Timothy Hill, Central High teacher, 27 years

Peter Klitzke, Hamilton Elementary teacher, 16 years

Jeffrey Koby, Longfellow Middle school nutrition staff, 12 years (retired Feb. 2016)

Kealy Lonning, Spence Elementary teacher, 25 years

Paul Lyga, Central High teacher, 33 years

Cheryl Oke, Longfellow Middle teacher assistant, 31 years

Mike Oliver, Northside Elementary custodian, 23 years (retired July 2015)

Kathleen Patros, Hamilton Elementary teacher assistant, 24 years

Christi Pfaff, Emerson Elementary teacher, 28 years

Karen Poehling, Spence Elementary teacher assistant, 17 years

Cheryl Reavis, Emerson Elementary teacher, 14 years

Shari Riley, Southern Bluffs Elementary teacher, 31 years

Denise Shedivy, Southern Bluffs Elementary teacher, 23 years

Joyce Smalley, District Finance Manager, 11 years (retiring in Sept. 2016)

Kathleen Steffen, Hintgen Elementary teacher, 20 years

Dale Swenson, Lincoln Middle custodian, 15 years

Cindy Thompson, Southern Bluffs Elementary administrative assistant, 22 years (retired Jan. 2016)

Danette Tritch, Central High teacher, 25 years

Marietta Vanderkelen, Logan High teacher assistant, 26 years (retired June 2015)

Julie Weinmann, Logan High teacher, 13 years

Karen Wilke, Longfellow Middle teacher, 27 years

Robin Wilson, Longfellow Middle administrative assistant, 27 years

Nhia Xiong, Logan Middle custodian, 22 years

Stacy Yellick, North Woods Elementary teacher, 30 years