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    Hamilton students get reading help from tutors funded by LPEF donors

    Travis is really concentrating now. Looking carefully at the words on the page, picking up visual clues and hearing hints from Miss Deborah. The Hamilton 1st-grader has been fidgeting during this morning session at a hallway desk with Deborah Nerud, but he’s more engaged since he selected the book, “Jack

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  • Joining in the recognition of the La Crosse Public Education Foundation for Excellence in Holocaust Education were: (back from left) Past LPEF Board President Greg Bonney, LPEF Executive Director David Stoeffler, Rabbi Saul Prombaum; (front from left) LPEF Board President Shawn Dutchin, Maureen Feran Freedland and Robert Freedland.

    LPEF honored for support of Holocaust education

    As part of the annual Holocaust Remembrance service on April 23, the Congregation Sons of Abraham honored the La Crosse Public Education Foundation and Executive Director David Stoeffler with a special award. LPEF was honored for Excellence in Holocaust Education and awarded the synagogue’s 12th “Wegner Leaf” on the CSOA Tree

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