These students are making college dreams come true

Logan AVID students have college in mind.


About AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID is a college-readiness program now in its third year at La Crosse Central and Logan high schools. AVID students learn specific skills for use in other classes, including note-taking, reading, writing, inquiry, and critical thinking skills. They also participate in tutoring sessions that emphasize collaboration and group problem-solving.

All AVID students are required to take advanced-placement classes and are exposed to colleges through campus visits and class presentations. They get help writing letters or essays, completing pre-college testing, and applying for financial aid.

The program is being phased in over three years, supported by about $230,000 in grants and other donations to the La Crosse Public Education Foundation.

At full implementation, the program is expected to serve about 300 students a year. AVID has a proven track record nationally in nearly 5,000 schools.

Students in a Central High AVID class work with teacher Danette Tritch to define goals.

Students in a Central High AVID class work with teacher Danette Tritch to define goals.

AVID creates community

Charisse Koscal of Logan High School shares a hug and shows her appreciation to AVID teacher Andrea Kramer.

Students say AVID is different from other classes and gives them a sense of community that helps them confront challenges — both in school and outside of school. They say:

“It challenged me to come out of my shell.”

“It taught me a lot about college and things I actually might like to do as a job.”

“It helped me deal with family problems – I have a lot of problems at home.”

“It is allowing me to build that foundation for success … not that anyone can do (for me), but that only myself can do.”

When compared to the overall student body at Central and Logan, AVID students were more likely to be students of color and students from low-income families. That fulfills a goal to reach students who are under-represented in college enrollment and graduation rates. All AVID students are on track to graduate and the average GPA was significantly higher than for non-AVID students.