• Students in Logan's AVID class stand on this stepping stone when sharing with the class. One student explained: "Stumbling blocks are things that might be bad ... so you step off it and learn from your mistakes."

    AVID students make progress toward college dreams

    With support from fundraising led by the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, the AVID program reports strong first-year results at Central and Logan. AVID is making a difference in the lives of almost 100 students in La Crosse high schools, providing them with the encouragement and academic preparation to turn college dreams into reality. That’s […]

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  • Mmm ... good

    Hamilton 3rd-graders enjoy trip to the farm

    Students from Hamilton Elementary School are sampling produce, planting seeds and being entertained by farm animals during field trips this week to Deep Roots Community Farm. The tours are being funded by a $1,264 grant from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation, underwritten in part by proceeds from the Dr. Gunnar and Mary Baldwin Gundersen […]

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